Pollo Fundido

My brother- and sister-in-law are totally awesome. They love to cook and try new recipes as much as we do. Last week I discovered my brother-in-law’s Pinterest page and I went through his recipes, searching for things that the hubs and I want try sometime. One of the dishes was called, “Pollo Fundido.” He told us that it was so amazing and we MUST try it! Last night we decided to make it. That was one of the best Mexican dishes I have ever had. What makes it even better is that this costs less than going out and eating at the restaurant! This will be our go-to dish when we start to crave Mexican food!

The original dish is from the blog, “The Neagles Nest.” You can check it out by clicking here! 


about 1 lb. chicken breasts (I cut them into strips to make them thinner)

1 onion, finely chopped

Mexican cheese dip (I just bought a tub of it at the store)

chili salt (1/4 cup salt, 1/4 cup chili powder, 1/4 tsp. cayenne, a pinch of oregano…mix this together and store in an air-tight container for future use!)

First, saute the onions and then set them aside in a bowl. Sprinkle the chicken with the chili salt and begin cooking it in the skillet. Put the seasoned side down and sprinkle more seasoning on the top.


After the chicken has been cooked on both sides, Add the onion on top of the chicken.


Next, pour the cheese dip on top of the onion and chicken. I put the dip in the microwave for a little bit so it would be easier to pour.


Doesn’t this look so DELICIOUS?!! Just wait until it gets on your plate….

Now you’re done cooking and ready to indulge. We also had Spanish rice and refried beans on the side and we poured the extra cheese on top. Soooo good! I hope you will give this dish a try. It is incredibly easy and extremely delicious!



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