Meet Mr. and Mrs. Hongry and Po

My husband and I LOVE to cook together. We are always talking about food. I am pretty sure it is involved in about 90% of our conversations. You may think we sound like a couple of foodies who travel to Europe every year and taste of the finest cheeses in the world while sipping wine that costs as much as a house. No, that is not us. We, like many couples young and old, have limited means. As much as I would love to eat fancy queso, we have fun coming up with meals that are easy on the wallet and the thighs (not that the hubby has to worry about his thighs). This blog is all about food and how it is easy to be healthy (for the most part) while on a budget.


About Allison

Marriage is a very wonderful and requires a large amount of teamwork. My husband and I are on a budget, like many other couples. We plan our meals every single week and try to find budget-friendly dinners that will be filling and healthy. Saving money never tasted so good!

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