Sausage Fajitas

This semester has been very busy for the both us. It seems like we are always on the go and sometimes it is hard to put time into cooking a decent meal. In fact, tonight is one of those nights. We figured out a very quick recipe for those days where studying takes over your evenings. You can adjust the recipe if you’d like! This can be a “base recipe” that you start off with and can make it your own! Enjoy! 



1 package of Hillshire sausage (or whatever brand you prefer)

2-3 peppers of your choice (green, red, yellow, or orange!)


taco seasoning



Chop up your vegetables and sausage. This could be done ahead of time if you need to plan ahead!

Heat some extra virgin olive oil in the pan. Place the sausage mixture and the amount of taco seasoning you want in the pan and cook until peppers reach your desired tenderness. 

Place mixture in a tortilla and enjoy! We always have a large batch of Taco Bell sauces so we add that on top of the mixture :-)


Like I said, this is a very simple recipe and can easily be adjusted. We had it with some yummy Spanish rice! 



About Allison

Marriage is a very wonderful and requires a large amount of teamwork. My husband and I are on a budget, like many other couples. We plan our meals every single week and try to find budget-friendly dinners that will be filling and healthy. Saving money never tasted so good!

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