Fried Rice

Who doesn’t love a good bowl of fried rice? I love going out and getting a massive plate of that glorious dish. Lately we have been saving money by making this college student staple at home. Maybe it’s just me, but I think homemade tastes so much better! We have tried this recipe a few times and I think that we finally have it perfected to our tastes! Feel free to make any kind of changes you would like!

Homemade Fried Rice

3 cups cooked white (or brown) rice

1 onion, chopped

frozen peas and carrots (I do not have a measurement, I just eyeball it and see how much I want to add)

1 garlic clove, finely chopped

soy sauce

1 packet fried rice seasoning

2 eggs, slightly beaten

Add onion and garlic to a large skillet. Add the olive oil and saute on med. high to high heat until tender.


 Add the peas and carrots and heat until tender.


Now we are getting somewhere!!!

Push the mixture to one side of the skillet to make room for the eggs.


 Pour the eggs on the empty side of the skillet and scramble them.


 After they are done, mix the whole skillet together. Now add the rice, soy sauce, and fried rice seasoning.


 Mix it all up and now you have homemade rice! Enjoy!!



About Allison

Marriage is a very wonderful and requires a large amount of teamwork. My husband and I are on a budget, like many other couples. We plan our meals every single week and try to find budget-friendly dinners that will be filling and healthy. Saving money never tasted so good!

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